Taking The P Out of PE

Is the future for our PE lessons at GCSE?

Is this the future for our PE lessons at GCSE?


The government have issued new revised guidelines for the redevelopment of the GCSE in PE. There were initial fears that the subject would end up with 70% of the course being assessed through non practical examination. With widespread criticism from many in involved in PE and school sport, the government have now back tracked to reform the subject to 60% non practical examination

Are we now at a stage where there isn’t enough practical within our subject? Just how much time do students spend in the classroom as opposed to on the sports field.┬áIt seems our subject is moving further and further away from its practical roots, with the introduction of assessment without levels and heavy changes to vocational learning in PE it begs the question of how much time in PE is now practical?

Do we want our learners sat in the classroom lesson in and lesson out?

The article from the Youth Sport Trust outlines the changes to be made to the GCSE


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