How to use, improve and create resources for outstanding PE lessons

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Marginal Gains to Develop PE Departments

An article on the use of Marginal Gains in PE as well as an example of how to display and use these Marginal gains in your team – By Sam Southwell   In PE we have continuously sought ways to develop the quality of our lessons and functionality of our team. There are only so […]

What Makes an Outstanding Lesson – Article

A really thought provoking article on what makes an Outstanding Lesson, this article is an extract from the Leader Magazine. Please share your comments with us, what do you feel are the key components to an outstanding lesson   What makes an outstanding lesson? Ofsted certainly hasn’t provided a definitive answer, although it expects school […]

Developing Good to Outstanding PE

An evaluation and reflection tool to see what your team term Outstanding lessons compared to the Ofsted criteria. Ask your team review and reflect on the different statements and where they perceive their own strengths and weaknesses within lessons.